Project Description

Creating compact, ultra-fast wireless backhaul. Featuring precision tracking between the gate and airplanes.

Few things about the GateHopper project

The primary objective of the GateHopper project is to research, develop and demonstrate a new 10Gbps technology platform for reliable, secure and ultra-fast data-link that will meet the on-ground data transfer needs of both small and large airlines and for a wide range of aircraft sizes, types and data transfer needs.

The project is responding to the growing demand for wireless data-transmission of e.g. cockpit flight data or entertainment system content. Data transfer is limited by both practical and safety concerns when the airplane is airborne so the bulk of data transmission must take place during the short on-ground window and thus requires extremely high transfer speeds. Current comparable wireless solutions can transfer data at rates of approximately 100Mbps, which is 100 times slower than the GateHopper approach.

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